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Mabel Nummerdor is the founder of Miss Marketing. Marketing and Mabel are a match made in heaven, she graduated in 2000 in  Communication Science at the Universiteit Twente, where she wrote her future proof dissertation for Heineken Nederland, about online relationship marketing. Before she started her business SparkAvenue, Mabel worked over 10 years in marketing management positions in the FMCG, entertainment and fashion industry. Also known as Miss Marketing Mabel now is a renowned speaker, columnist and blogger. In 2014 she became a board member of the Dutch Institute of Marketing: Nima.

” I simply adore the combination of analysis, ambition empathy and creativity. This mix of competencies makes our marketing profession the most versatile and challenging occupation on earth. Eventhough I am passionate about our business I also acknowledge that we can seriously improve the quality of our work by better understanding women and building sustainable brands that serve our customers and our planet instead of only our shareholders.


While managing various brands I was confronted  with a general lack of interest in the female consumer. In most of our media buying plans, we mention women as one of our main target groups, but we rarely ask ourselves, how the gender aspect influences buying behavior, media consumption and brand loyalty.


I started to address this issue in the companies I worked for and everytime this new focus lead to better business results. At some point I realized that I had to step out of the corporate life to be able to share this knowledge with a broader audience. Since the early zero’s marketing to women became a high priority in the US,  but in Europe and most other continents we fell behind on this development. In 2008 I started the  marketing company SparkAvenue and in in 2012 the marketing bestseller Miss Marketing was launched. I am dedicated to address the opportunity of feminine marketing  not only because of its business potential, but also because I strongly believe that feminine marketing can contribute to more gender equality, which is part of the millennium goals defined by the UN.


Currently I travel around the globe to inspire companies, marketing departments and management teams with a new feminine perspective on and practical guidelines of Venus marketing. Frequently I appear in the media to talk about women, marketing and the impact of the feminine future.”

Things you didn’t know about Mabel

1) Ever since I got the album Achtung Baby, I am completely mesmerized by U2. I deeply admire their ability and creativity to constantly reinvent their brand and their music without loosing the essence of their distinctive sound. Mysterious Ways was also quoted in Miss Marketing.

2) For more than 10 years I  live in Amsterdam, where I cycle around  on my cargo bike, the ultimate  icon of dutch women.

3) Last year I married  Mr Fashion, so actually I should refer to myself as MRS Marketing.

4) When I was a kid I used to dream about presenting my own tv-show.

5) I apologise upfront for my LOL on when the wind blows from the right direction you should be able to hear me laugh in London