Miss Marketing: it all started with a book

Miss Marketing is the Dutch marketing bestseller that  was first published  in 2012.  Miss Marketing received raving critics and won silver at the Dutch Marketing Literature Price. We wanted to put efforts into a true showcase for feminine marketing within the masculine category of management books. Thousands of copies were sold and even 2 years later Miss Marketing is shaking the dutch marketing society. Currently we are working on the international edition of Miss Marketing and also we are creating an international network of Miss Marketing Agents all over the world.


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Miss Marketing now has become an international network of marketing agents all over the planet, that focusses on a better understanding of and an improved and sustainable vision of marketing to women

The Miss Marketing Agency

Together with international agents we are preparing the international release of Miss Marketing. Marketing specialists from different regions and specialists put their brains together to compile knowledge and insights of marketing to women worldwide. We invite every consumer-loving- marketing-geek  to share their local business cases, campaigns, knowledge and insights and be inspired by everyone in our global team. Do you want to join the Miss Miss Marketing Agency please email your interests and resumed to agency@miss-marketing.com.

There are great business cases from many different categories that are part of the Miss Marketing business excellence. Learn from many brands and companies.

Miss Marketing Content

Miss Marketing focusses on the complete toolset of marketing, it is our goal to change and inspire the marketing world and add a feminine perspective to your work.


Instead of creating a divide, let's talk about including the female customers without ignoring or chasing away your male customers. Understanding how masculinity and femininity both serve as business assets.

Defining Venus

What are the statistics and developments socially and economically that make Venus a profitable market to develop.

Neuro Insights

How women think, dream and decide differently than men. What are the specifics of the princess brain and how we can integrate gender knowledge into our business.

Ad-Agency Mismatch

How the Kotler-perspective and Don Draper created a mismatch with the female consumer. Challenging the practices of advertising agencies.

Feminine Sparks Model

Four strategic guidelines that will help you to develop the Venus market and create sustainable and beautiful brands.

Communication Keys

Developing communication concepts that are appealing to men and women. Insights the language and visual preferences of male and female consumers.

Re-connect CMI

How to create an engaging dialogue that will support effective innovations, options on how to involve her in your development process.

Ladies of 2015

Segmentation and intel of today's female consumer, how generations, income, cultures, characters diversify a consumer group that has so much in common.

Social Content & Media

How new media are shaping the lifes of women. And how women are shaping new Media. The impact of our drive to connect and build relationships.

The Ultimate Shopper

Re-evaluating the attitudes and behaviours of shopping women, explaining the unpredictability of a power consumer

Product Development

User-generated design on Venus will help you to integrate the specific needs and requirements of a female target audience.

The Feminine Future

The Megatrend of this Millennium is the rise of a feminine future, how are values and motivations have changed from Gordon Gekko to Lady Gaga

The Glossy Element, dutch design

We really wanted to add our feminine perspective and design elements to Miss Marketing to create a new kind of  management literature. In Miss Marketing we present a new wa of thinking about clients from Venus. It will help you understandfor our economic growth to involve consciously views and perspectives of the other half of the world population to the way we do business. Not only because of some sort of moral obligation, but most of all it will help our businesses grow and create more  happiness in the lifes of our customers.