When your brand or organization needs dedicated advice or support with developing a feminine marketing strategy,we will join you and your team for one or more sessions. We explore  your market opportunities,  we evaluate your communication strategies and we supply practical advice on how to leverage the Venus market. We can train your sales team, contribute feminine perspective  to your management team, deliver female creatives for a new campaign or we create your communication and branding strategy.We work together with Miss Marketing Agents in several regions. But one thing is obvious we do everything to  enhance your results directly.

Specific Needs
  • Sometimes we will serve as an extra pair of eyes when developing a new campaign, and you are lacking the time or the money to perform extensive market research;
  • We help to set-up market research in a setting that is natural for women and will lead to better and more complete insights;
  • We perform a feminine quickscan to evaluate your communication strategies and their effectiveness with a female audience. We always give practical outlines on how to improve your customer journey
  • How to involve women in  co-creation your product development process.
  • Sometimes an all-male, management team just needs  a femine perspective at the table.
  • But we will never chase away  or disrespect your male customers, in fact our experience is that  feminine marketing increases the customer satisfaction of all your clients, both male and female.
  • Feminine Marketing is all about gaining knowledge and applying feminine values, we believe that all business are perfectly able to be great at Miss Marketing themselves. You just need a partner that will get you up to speed, so we will not stay endlessly   in a long-lasting project, but we will get you a pair of pink glasses to perform better yourself.
  • Our consulting services are aimed at entrepreneurs, boards, productdevelopers, advertising agencies, client managers and  any professional team that  wants to be improve their business with Venus.

Feminine Sparks Model

Women are complex and so is the feminine future. To help our clients create an overview, we developed the the Femine Sparks Model. The model is based on gender research and marketing research and it can serve as a strategic tool, brainstorm input  or a communication checklist. It is one of our pillars in educating the market on feminine marketing.

With four simple guidelines we will provide you a business model that will help you connect with a very demanding target group. Use it in a creative and flexible way and always leave room for cultural interpretations and empathy.