Mabel as speaker

As a professional speaker Miss Marketing deals with variety of subjects, but they all have one thing in common: “women”.Depending on the context of your event we  inspire, educate and entertain your audience on several business topics. Below you will find a list with recent topics.
When you feel Miss Marketing is the kind of speaker that will fit into your event line-up, or will be just perfect for a internal inspirationsession but you have a slightly different angle in mind, feel free to let us know and discuss your wishes. Every keynote will be  adjusted to your business needs , audience, objective and team. We guarantee eyeopeners, great laughs and also a lot of aha-experiences that will change your perspective on customers forever.


Just to get some ideas, here are some of the titles of the keynotes I gave over the past years.
  • How to go from mismarketing towards Miss Marketing
  • Feminine marketing, a broader perspective on the worlds biggest market
  • Your communications strategy adjusted to Mars and Venus
  • Selling to women, how to close the deal with demanding decisionmakers
  • How diversity-management results in consumer happines
  • Why marketing to women won’t work.
  • Mrs. Jones Marketing, embracing 40plus women
  • Mrs Bizniz, the pink vision of new entrepreneurs
  • An alpha leader on high heals
  • Evanomics, the dynamics of the biggest business opportunity
  • Internet is a woman
  • The Princess Brain explained, how she decided differently
  • The Feminine sparks model
  • Mad Men: 7 steps to get more out of your agencies
  • Cosumer Trends in the Feminine Future
  • Shopaholics get extinct; feminine shopper marketing
  • Miss Marketing for world peace, good advertising will lead the way


Want to know more or have personal conversation to check a match. Please feel free to contact us to get a personal impression of Miss Marketing. Just give me a call or drop me note at mabel@sparkavenue.nl.

If you are interested in inviting Miss Marketing as a speaker, you can send an email to info@sparkavenue.nl. Please inform us on the specifics of your event, location and business context and you will receive our quotation within a few days.

You can take an option on a specific date for two weeks, when planned at least three months ahead. Travelexpenses and accommodation will always be charged separately. Your booking can be made directly via SparkAvenue, but if you feel more comfortable working with an agency you can contact; SpeakersAcademy.

When you decide to invite Miss Marketing as a speaker, we will plan a Skype session or conference call to discuss your wishes and expectations.

In my presentaion I always make use of  a beamer and an audiosystem (small movies are always fun to watch when presenting, with groups over 40 pax it would be great to use  microphone (handheld or lapel are both fine with me).

When speaking at a public event I can also  promote your event on my social media.


Looking forward to tell you all about Venus.


Miss M Movies

Recently we started Miss Marketing Movies, the upcoming weeks we will fill this place, with video’s that draw our attention. With fragments of Miss Marketing keynotes, great campaigns and other fun stuff to watch. If you have any tips it would be great if you wanted to share them.