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01 apr WOMEN Buying Power

A few years ago I was fortunate to meet Tatiana Butowitsch-Temm, a  great marketing2women-colleague from Sweden. At Volvo she was part of the team that developed the YCC Concept car also known as the car form women. For Miss Marketing I interviewed her for about her latest project All Aboard, a design challege to build a bout that would completely fit all specificl female requirements. She is now on the Eve of organising the second Women Buying Power conference. A perfect opportunity to catch up with her and talk about our shared passion: the most powerful onsumer.

Why ‘Women Buying Power’?

Tatiana: ‘I will leave the answer to that question to Tom Peters Business Guru.’

This year  the conference is part of the design week in Munich, but the first conference took place in Copenhagen Danmark. One of the most feminine cultures worldwide as we saw in the famous TV-series Borgen. Do you feel in this region organization understand women better?

In some areas I would say yes , but still the gap between the female consumer and business life is present. In Scandinavia we have the same issue as in the Netherlands, we are politically too correct to acknowledge that men and women are different.  There is a great emphasize on gender equality and avoiding discriminating genders.  Our main message is that knowing how men and women are different doesn’t mean one sexe is better than the other. Equality is about creating equal opportunities for both men and women. In business life for the sake of our consumers we should be more open to the idea of gender knowledge, since it will help us to get access to women buying power.

What areas in business development  are most relevant to profit from Women Buying power?

To seize those opportunities of what you call the Evanomie I think  first of all companies should focus their product development to the needs of the female consumers. When a product or service is fully adjusted to her  than next you will need the appropriate strategy to go to market and engage women.In the end still you can still make a mess by nt adjusting your sales and customer service to women. For example when a sales rep chooses the wrong angle  or a technical services refuses to really listen to her.

Leveraging women buying power has impact on the complete business, because what company would want to miss out on 80% of the market. All disciplines should embrace  women and integrate gender knowledge without excluding men. We also know that a product that is based on the needs and requirement of women will serve men perfectly as well. It is all about inclusion not about polarizing.

We need to make gender knowledge part of business intelligence that why we invite all men to visit conferences like women buying power. When you are not afraid to face reality you will come to the conclusion that organizations that are gender intelligent will be the most profitable ones.


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